Insight at Scale

AeroVinci will make commercial drone operations scalable

Aerovinci is redefining the future of unmanned systems with its revolutionary DroneDock technology. DroneDock is a fully self-sustaining drone docking station that allows drones to land, recharge, process data, and transmit actionable information to end users autonomously, with no human interaction required. DroneDock integrates with most major data collection platforms, providing a fully integrated end-to-end solution.

DroneDock houses AeroVinci's patented hybrid-drone, affectionately known as Jack. Jack is a fully autonomous flying sensor capable of long-range flight. This allows us to gather large amounts of data extremely cost effectively compared to alternative solutions.

Aerovinci works closely together with the Technical University of Delft, and is a proud member of the rapidly growing RoboValley ecosystem. DroneDock is currently being deployed at selected partners in agriculture and security.

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